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Event and Stage Lighting

We provide lighting solutions for many applications including theatre, live music, special events, architectural, film and TV. Our inventory includes luminaries both automated or conventional and from tungsten to LED.  We also carry a range of control consoles, accessories, followspots, and atmosphere effects to create stunning scenes. Our lighting specialists can answer any questions and provide solutions for any lighting challenge no matter the size and scope. Big or small, we can provide the lighting you dream of.

New and Creative Approaches

The application of light can instantly transform any space into a world you have never known before. Creativity is key, and with our range of lighting units we can take the most dull of spaces and turn it into and experience you have only dreamed about. Light changes our mood and how we experience our reality. The implementation of light in your next project will elevate the stakes and push your event to the limit.


Lighting the Stage or for the Screen 

Our lighting experts understand the detail involved with live theatrical performances as well as the unique energy required for music concerts. Lighting can significantly change the emotional connection an audience feels when attending these events. We know how important lighting can be and we will work to make that hair raising moment happen. Our services range from theatre lighting design and concerts to EDM and lighting for the camera.


For Any Live Production ... We Are Available For You!