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LED Walls

Clear Lamp has an extensive inventory of LED panels to make your event look state-of-the-art! The versatility of the LED walls is extremely important. It can either hang or be ground supported, which allows flexibility for any venue or location. We specialize in finding the right LED solution to take your event to the next level.

Quality and Resolution

Our high resolution walls are amazing at any distance. Whether you are 5 feet or 100 feet away, we have Led wall solutions for any venue. With fast setup and strike times, the LED wall solution is fast becoming the expectation for high-end quality events.


Indoor or Outdoor

LED walls have quickly become the industry standard in visualization for touring, television, special events, exhibitions, product launches, concerts, and live theatre. We have solutions for all environments. If you are indoors or outdoors, Clear Lamp has the LED solution for seamless visuals with incredible impact. Take your event to the next level and leave those old projection screens behind.


For Any Live Production ... We Are Available For You!