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Live Video Production

With a wide range of HD video cameras and switchers we provide clients with an amazing product. We provide video production support for live events or for later use in post. Shooting up to 4K resolution, our equipment and experience will make your live video experience one that your audiences will remember.

IMAG and Live Stream

Live streaming your event or meeting has never been easier. Let us set you up with a streaming service to make sure a larger audience can engage by delivering your event to wherever your audience may be.

IMAG has become the best way to make sure your concert or meeting is as intimate as being on the front row. No matter if its the lead singer of a band or CEO or your corporation, making sure the audience sees every detail an nuance is our goal.

Concerts and Corporate Meetings

We provide superior image quality with an extensive range of video technology options. Whether large concerts that need IMAG for audiences to feel more in the action, or corporate events in large event spaces, Clear Lamps’s live video production team will deliver on quality and professionalism.

For Any Live Production ... We Are Available For You!